5 Fashion Trends To Kick Off Spring 2017

Spring Fashion.png

Inspired by NYFW, I decided now was a good time to look into the up and coming fashion trends for Spring 2017. While not many people are going to leave the house in runway attire, I’ve always loved following the upcoming street style trends. Without further ado, here are the top fashion “must-haves” that will be hitting the streets this spring.

Off-The-Shoulder Crop

Certainly a classic that will be hitting the streets yet again this spring. Everyone loves the exposed collarbones, with a nice touch of elegance all while remaining trendy. If you’re looking for something a little less revealing, you can always swap the crop for a full length shirt or sundress while keeping the attention drawn to the upper half of the blouse. This look pairs best with denim pants, but is also very versatile if you were looking to switch things up!


Fish-Net Stockings

Hello 2017! Fish-net stockings have recently been breaking the internet in the most grunge-fabulous way. Whether these stockings are paired with a pair of stressed jeans, denim shorts, or a mini skirt it doesn’t take much to own this look except for a confident attitude. Of course the grunge look pairs best with dark colours, and a personal favourite of mine is seeing it paired with layers such as socks and sneakers. They can also be paired with booties or heels depending on the mood or occasion. Whether you’re going for a casual look, or something super glam, fishnets are a sure way of making a statement.


Two-Piece Set

I absolutely adore this super trendy look! Whether you’re spending the day in the sun or heading out for a night on the town I can guarantee there’s a two piece for the occasion. I love the idea of being able to throw these outfits together super quick while looking super glam and put together. Shorts and a tee pair well for a lunch date, and there’s so many bodycon options for a night out. It doesn’t matter if you’re pairing these sets together or not, they’re so versatile, letting you mix and match with some of your other favourite pieces!



High Cut One Piece Swimsuit

Talk about a blast from the past! High cut one pieces were super popular back in the 80s making this swimsuit vintage chic. We can all thank the Kardashians for keeping this look alive. I love this swimsuit mainly because you can toss a pair of shorts over top and you’re prepared for any impromptu trips to the beach.


T-Shirt Dress

Another comeback from last spring is the t-shirt dress! This super easy look can be thrown together in seconds and can be accessorized in so many ways. All it takes is a little handbag and a cute choker or wrist watch and this outfit comes together so nicely.  I love how versatile this outfit can be in the sense that you can throw on some sneakers and a hat during the day to run some errands, and grab your heels and let your hair down at night. This outfit is so simple, yet so chic!



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