February Photo Journal

338F7609-E93E-4A09-8BE9-3EC0D4A02D04.jpgThis past week I did some exploring around Detroit, MI and Toronto, ON. Living in Windsor is great because we border such a lively American city and we’re not too far away from Toronto, making it the perfect destination for a little weekend out of town. Though Detroit has a reputation as being rough around the edges, it has many gems, and such nice people almost everywhere. Toronto is also great for shopping, dining, and nightlife. Some places I visited this past week in Detroit and Toronto that I highly recommend to anyone interested in visiting include:

Parc (Detroit). A fine dining restaurant in the heart of Downtown Detroit, sharing the same block as Campus Martius, an outdoor skating rink. They feature an extensive gourmet menu with plenty to offer for anyone looking for the most perfect cut of steak or fish. Parc has highly trained chefs including a pastry chef if you can manage to leave room for dessert, and highly trained servers, ensuring your dining experience is one of a kind.

Townhouse (Detroit). Another cute little gem, ideal for some appetizers or drinks with the girls. I’m really looking forward to coming back in the spring because their patio is absolutely adorable

Shake Shack (Detroit). Though I didn’t actually stop here, the day I was in detroit was actually the grand opening of shake shack. I didn’t know much about the spot prior to my visit but the line wrapped around the block gave me the idea that it’s definitely something I’ll need to try in the near future

Somerset Collection (Troy, MI). I absolutely love the variety this mall offers. Being right across the border from Michigan is so convenient for anyone who loves to shop till they drop. I personally, am one of those people. No shame in being from such a small city, but it can be hard when you’re looking for something to wear that everyone in town doesn’t already own, so why not take a 25 minute drive over to the states for something a little bit different than what Windsor’s only mall has to offer.

Burger Priest (Mississauga). Hands down the best burger I’ve ever had in my life is the Vatican. I’ve heard stories about how amazing it was prior to trying it for myself, and nothing could possibly do it justice. It’s two very juicy patties, between two grilled cheese sandwiches, loaded with toppings of your choice. The menu also features many other gourmet burger options following the theme of Catholicism while maintaining an edgy atmosphere.

Square One. Eaton Centre. Toronto Premium Outlets. Etc. Toronto is one of my favourite places to shop. The whole GTA features so many different malls, outlets and shops scattered throughout the area with just about every store you could imagine. Whether you’re downtown or staying on the outskirts of Toronto, theres always somewhere to shop.

Thompson Hotel (Toronto). Luxurious boutique hotel by day, and nightclub by night. My first nightlife experience in Toronto was great. I met a lot of great people and bumped into a lot of people I happened to know from back home. The crowd there ranged from 20-35 years old, and was a very mature atmosphere with lots of great energy.



















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