5 Things I Learned About Getting Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are pretty much the new gel nails according to many blogs and beauty magazines in the most recent issues. It started about 5 years ago when lash extensions first came to my city as the new fad. Prior to getting them I was told by numerous friends and colleagues that it was one of the greatest decisions they made as far as simplifying their beauty routine. Others have made comments about the cost, and potential damage they could do to your actual eyelashes. After doing my research, and finally taking the plunge I can say I’ve learned 5 important lessons. I encourage everyone considering getting lashes to do research well in advance, and take special considerations to their own preferences as far as lashes go.


DISCALIMER: The before and after pic above is before my first time getting lashes, and after my second time touching them up. After my first time, I determined this was something I was comfortable with and decided to go for a more dramatic look the second time.

They still require maintenance

Lash extension maintenance is not something to be taken lightly. Although you do not have the hassle of lathering on the mascara on a daily basis and scrubbing it off at night, it still requires the slightest bit of attention to prevent from damaging your lashes. It is important to brush your lashes with an eyelash spoolie when you wake up and after you get out of the shower or getting them wet. Lashes will bunch together on these two occasions, and could potentially rip out the hairs they’re attached to. Additionally, it is important to avoid oil based products around your eyes because it will degrade the glue attaching them to your real lashes, and it will be a complete waste of the $80+ you spent on getting lashes in the first place. Most cosmetic stores only carry oil based mascara and the majority of eye make up cleansers are also oil based. Make sure you take special precautions in going to your local beauty supply store and picking the best oil-free mascara (if you decide to even use it) and cleanser possible.

They are not for everyone

Not everyone is going to like the idea of something attached to their eyelashes or someone touching around their eyes to begin with. If you are one of those people who get creeped out by someone touching their eyes of face, yet you are considering eyelash extensions for the simplicity and glam of course, make sure you let your lash technician know ahead of time so she can be cautious of your phobia, and be as gentle as possible. Bringing me to my next point…

Who you pick as your lash technician and where they were certified matters

My lash technician is absolutely wonderful! Her name is Tina and she is a certified lash technician through a Micha Lash Extension Training Course. The training course emphasizes cleanliness and hygiene first and foremost which Tina walked me through as she sanitized all tools and used new ones where necessary. She discussed all precautions to take when avoiding oil based products around my eyes and where to get products that will work best. She also went over her credentials for lash extensions which I greatly appreciated, although I trusted she knew what she was doing. Tina discussed the proper fill times, and what an untrained lash technician tends to do. She has an Instagram page and Facebook page showing off all of her work. Check it out, DM her any questions you may have and book an appointment with her if you’re in the area!

There are different designs depending on what look you’re going for

Depending on if you’re going for a full out glam look, or something very natural, your lash extension technician will be able to work with you. The first time I got lash extensions I went with something very natural to ease myself in, and when I became comfortable enough to want more, I went with a full glam set. I personally love the glam look, so thats most likely what I’m going to stick to. This look allows me to ditch mascara completely.

You will become addicted!

I got my first set about a month ago and I’m so in love! Everyone I spoke to who has gotten them has absolutely loved them and is reluctant to ever take them off. As long as you’re taking proper care, and go to a technician who knows what they’re doing, your lashes are sure to stay in good condition and last until your next fill!



If you have any more questions about my lash extension experience feel free to leave a comment below or contact me through my own Facebook or Instagram account or under the Contact tab!


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