Back On Track: Operation Summer Bod

DISCLAIMER: My most personal blog yet. Body image is something I’ve struggled with since around 7th grade; although looking back, I regret wasting time concerning myself with what other people thought. I never really knew how good I had it for the majority of my life as far as fitness goes, and staying active was never really something I struggled with. I grew up training 5-6 times per week, all year long, and never really had the desire to eat out or consume processed foods. I played competitive sports for many years and stayed involved throughout high school athletics year-round. That being said, I was living at home at the time, and my mom making my meals daily helped a considerable amount. (THANKS MOM!)

My first year of university went by and I was sure I beat the myth of the freshman 15 – little did I know. I consistently went to the gym on campus, and to be completely honest, I was too busy with my head in the books to teach myself how to cook, so I kept it simple with pre-made fruit and veggie trays.

Fast forward 3 years and I’ve never been as out of shape as I am now. It’s a grim discovery when you look back at pictures then glance in the mirror and realize what has happened to your figure when you neglect your health and fitness for a few short months. I can honestly say this discovery was among the biggest disappointments and I’m the only one to blame. That being said, I can’t let the pure anguish of this predicament hold me back from striving to change the habits I’ve developed. I let myself sulk for the past week or so, and I decided it’s time for a change.


That being said, today is the day I decided to make that change. After thinking about it over the past two weeks or so, I’ve written out my fitness goals, and created a workout and nutrition regimen I vow to stand by until I reach those goals. I’ve gone way out of my comfort zone to take ‘before’ pictures, and I’m sharing them with my beloved readers because I know how supportive you’ve been with all of my blogging goals thus far. This is by far one of my most personal posts, and there’s almost nothing I’ve ever been this insecure about, however, I’m determined to let this insecurity motivate me.

(March 26, 2017)

Today was my first day back at the gym. I’ve gone here and there over the past 6 months, but nowhere near as frequent as I should. I’m pretty sure my body will be in shock when I wake up tomorrow, and I plan on embracing that soreness with open arms. My workout today consisted of chest, back, and abs. I’m lucky enough to have the support of my considerably fit sister, who walked me through the workout and pushed me to complete each set to the best of my ability. Here’s some of the workout that I did on DAY ONE:

  • 1 mile treadmill (I always start my workout with a little cardio, I was a little bit winded but it felt much needed!)
  • Decline Push Up (3×10)
  • Lat Pull Down (3×10)
  • Cable Row (3×10)
  • Dumbbell Row (3×10)
  • Machine Fly (3×10)
  • Machine Row (3×10)
  • Back Extensions (3×10)
  • Ab Rollout (3×10)
  • Push Up (3×8) – (I struggled by this time, my arms felt like pure jello)
  • Superman (2×12)
  • Leg Pull In (3×12)
  • Crunched (3×20)
  • Russian Twist (3×10)
  • Toe Touches (5×20)
  • Plank (1×1 min + 1×30 sec)


I took it upon myself to track my intake over the past couple weeks, as well as my goals, as I already mentioned. I like the idea of writing these things down, because visualizing my goals makes them feel a little bit closer to my reach and more attainable as I start making progress. For this, I created a bullet journal. Keep in mind, I started tracking these things about a week ago, prior to making any changes. My diet isn’t very consistent, and I still have a long way to go in terms of weight to shed. I’m 5’10” and have a larger frame, so I’m not looking to be an ideal 120lbs – it’s not practical, nor would it be healthy. Additionally, I tend to reach a point when I get down to around 170 and I start putting on significant muscle, and in turn gaining weight – that’s just what comes with my body type.

Though I’m not proud of where I am now, I know the first step is always the hardest. I look forward to making this a permanent lifestyle change and taking these past couple months of over-indulging and lounging far too much as a lesson. I’m so glad to say I know my body type well, and how it reacts to certain foods and exercise regimens and I can honestly say I’m excited to practice self-disciple religiously in terms of taking care of my body. I refuse to make any more excuses, and I vow to preach motivating words to myself even in times when I least want to.



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