My LUSH Favorites


Mask of Magnaminty

I’m absolutely crazy about this mask. It’s self preserving formula is ideal for anyone looking to occasionally pamper themselves (myself included) and avoid over irritating their skin by doing masks too often. The moisturizing agent used is honey which I love, considering I’m someone with normal to dry skin. This mask always leaves my skin feeling clean thanks to the kaolin clay and bentone gel, as well as fresh and cool from that hint of peppermint oil!


Rub Rub Rub – Sea Salt and Mimosa Scrub

I’m not big on bath bomb for the sheer fact that I always seem to find residue left on my skin when I get out of the bath, even after rinsing off in the shower. However, I love using shower scrubs because they always leave my skin feeling fresh and new. After the first time using this scrub, I was so impressed with it’s ability to get rid of dry, dead skin (yuck).  This scrub specifically is perfect for exfoliating while rejuvenating the skin with lemon juice and lemon oil. I love the scent this shower scrub leaves, as it is is infused with mimosa, jasmine and orange flower.


Rosy Cheeks

This is one of my absolute favourite masks I’ve used until this day. Rosy cheeks is a fresh mask so it mush stay refrigerator and I recommend the smaller pot of it because it does expire a lot sooner than most masks. The expiry date is not something to be taken lightly when it comes to cosmetics, and ignoring it can have damaging effects. Rosy cheeks is a super calming and skin neutralizing mask. It removed dirt thanks to the calamine and kaolin while the rose oils tone and eliminate any redness and irritation.



Cup O’ Coffee

This lush product doubles as a face mask or body scrub much like many of their other products. One of my favourite ways to start the day is with a quick coffee scrub. Cup O’ Coffee was the first coffee scrub I used and I absolutely fell in love with the feeling of my skin upon exfoliating with it. Since I went through my first pot so fast I’ve looked into ways to create a coffee scrub at home and stumbled upon so many ways to recreate this mask with a personal touch. I highly recommend this scrub to all coffee lovers because the smell is to die for! Kaolin is also used in this scrub to rid the skin from any dirt or bacteria so you’re left feeling super clean and refreshed!


IMG_1441Sunny Day

This anti-static, hair detangled is perfect for a sunny day by the pool or trip to the beach. Nobody wants to get all done up when the hot weather and humidity are going to ruin your hard work in a matter of minutes. Throughout the summer, natural hair is a major “go-to” in terms of keeping it simple. Sunny day is made up of lemon juice, honey and many other herbs and natural ingredients geared towards tackling frizzy hair. This spray is perfect for anyone looking to achieve “beach wave” and can be spritzed at any time of the day to leave your locks smelling so sweet.


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