20 Unique Date Night Ideas

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the same busy cycle with work, school and the chaos of everyday life that we forget to designate much needed time simply enjoying the presence of our significant others. Alternatively, you may have your eye on a special someone, and you haven’t quite figured out the best way to ask them out. Listed are some unique ideas that are sure to create some fun and interesting memories for you and that special someone, along with links to various locations in my general area where you and your loved one can enjoy these activities!

  1. Take a class together

Taking a class gives you the opportunity to learn something new with one another and I promise you’ll learn something new about one another in the process. Some good classes to try include: boxing, pottery, wine pairing, yoga, etc


2. Spend the day at the spa

If you and your partner have yet to try a couples massage I highly recommend it. It gives you both the chance to unwind and relax side by side.

Royal Palm Resort Miami – Day Spa

3. Make your own wine or brew your own beer

The best part about this is getting to taste your masterpiece as you go and customize it to your liking.

Fourteen – Windsor, ON

4. Go rollerskating

Rollerskating can be quite the adventure. If you’re anything like me, your partner will have a good laugh in the process.


5. Visit the zoo

Calling all animal lovers (not the activist kind). A trip to the zoo is so much fun and they typically have events and exhibits scheduled all year long.

6. Get tickets to a concert or comedy show

Concerts and comedy shows are so much fun and give you both the chance to dress up for some good old entertainment.



7. Take a boat ride

Boat excursions provide an interesting twist to a typical dining date. Additionally, if you get enough friends or couples together, you might be able to book a river cruise party for a pretty decent rate.

Windsor/Detroit Skyline
Windsor/Detroit Skyline

8. Get tickets to a sporting event

Go Tigers! Baseball games are my absolute favourite! Sporting events are a great way to break the ice or support your favourite team with some good company. Living in a boarder city, professional sporting events are only about a 25 minute drive and typically worth every penny.

Detroit Pistons

9. Try an escape room

I’m yet to try this, however, I hear so many awesome reviews! Being locked in a room with someone you actually enjoy doesn’t sound half bad but I’m sure they’ll be open to grabbing a bite to eat afterwards.



10. Go to the driving range (or mini golfing)

I grew up going to the driving range with my dad, so this is something that actually has some sentimental meaning for me. The driving range is a nice quiet place to unwind and enjoy the company of your significant other.

Top Golf

11. Try scuba diving or snorkelling 

Scuba diving isn’t necessarily something to do only while on vacation. You’d be surprised how much life there is in your local lakes and rivers. Scuba diving companies provide lessons and excursions specifically for beginners, and it’s a great way to show your significant other how adventurous you really are.


12. Make homemade pizza

Linked is a great recipe to homemade pizza crust. If you’re looking to wow your date with your cooking skills, and spend the night really getting to know them while keeping the cost low, try out a new recipe and enjoy some drinks or a good movie.


13. Visit an amusement park or waterpark

One of my personal favourites as a thrill seeker. I absolutely love rollercoasters and waterslides and it’s a great option if you’re not into the typical movie and dinner.

Canada’s Wonderland – Vaughn, ON

14. Take a mini-road trip

Whenever I get a couple days off of work I love to get away for the weekend, even if its just a couple hours away. Windsor is great because there are so many options depending on how much you’re looking to spend, and how far you’re comfortable travelling. Some great places I recommend getting away to for a day or two include, Niagara Falls, ON; Toronto, ON; Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, MI; etc.

15. Work on a DIY project together

I have so many DIY ideas I’d love to do for the house. Pinterest is great for looking up ideas for projects you can do with your date. These are a great way to show off your creative side while getting some home improvement tasks done.

DIY Baby Herbs

16. Rent a canoe, paddle boards or kayaks

This past summer I took advantage of Urban Surf, a local surf shop that provides canoe, paddle board and kayak rentals. They also specialize in group paddle excursions at sunrise and sunset and paddle board yoga lessons throughout the day. This a great way of incorporating fitness into your average date and it is such a unique trend that your significant other is sure to enjoy.

Urban Surf Canoeing

17. Visit a museum or art gallery

One of my favourite things to do whenever I visit a new city, or find myself looking for something to around my home town is visit the art gallery. Aside from the art itself, galleries and museums have different historical exhibits scattered throughout that contain so much interesting information you date is sure to appreciate.

Chicago Art Institute
Art Gallery of Windsor


18. Play tennis or squash

If you and your date are both into fitness and trying something new, set up a tennis match or rent a squash court for an hour or two. You two are sure to get in a good sweat and get your dose of friendly competition in.

Windsor Squash & Fitness

19. Go skydiving or bungee-jumping 

This one is for all of you daredevils. Linked is the closest skydiving destination in the area and it’s something at the top of my bucket list. I’m positive your date will never experience anything as thrilling and once their adrenaline levels calm down, they won’t be able to stop ranting about how much fun they had.


20. Learn how to make sushi together

My guiltiest pleasure is all-you-can-eat sushi. Show off your gourmet chef skills and fill up your tummy on some fresh, homemade sushi, while learning something new.




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