Home Decor Wishlist – Vision Board

I know I’m not the only one completely obsessed with pinning home decor ideas for my future dream home on Pinterest. Everyone has a different image in their head when they imaging the house of their dreams (and the budget-less decor that comes with it). I absolutely love the simplicity and clean look of minimalist chic decor — and that might not be everyones idea of perfection. Listed are some of the items you’d find in my ideal home.


Light toned home office (ideal for blogging)


Grey and copper accented bedroom accessories


Simple, neutral toned furniture & chic photo frames with bold patterned accessories

Fitzroy Place, Johnson Naylor & Heavenly 2013
Modern, yet simple bathroom, with white marble everything!

Neutral toned dining set, with metallic appliances for that touch of chic


Glass standing shower & More white marble!


Little chandeliers because who doesn’t love a little glam mixed with simplicity


Another simple little office set up


Neutral dining set, with fur accents for a little touch of chic


Metallic frames and fresh flowers


Geometric shapes are perfect for minimalist decor


Romantic, chic, yet simplicity at its finest


Rose gold lighting fixtures make such a statement in a white room


Very organized atmosphere, with touches of pink and gold because why not?

Again, a very cozy living space with neutrals, dim lighting and candles.


3 thoughts

  1. First of all thanks for sharing your home decoration tips with us. Actually, I am also thinking of renovating my house from very long time. I really like your blog, and the tips you have mentioned in your blog are amazing. Keep sharing these kinds of blogs with us.


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