5 Ways To Stay Pretty At The Beach

Beach weather is quickly approaching and as per request, this post highlights a few easy ways to stay cute and fresh in the humid weather. Going to the beach should involve relaxation, and you definitely shouldn’t feel the need to be concerned with your appearance while trying to kick back with your friends and have a good time. For some insight into simple makeup and hair hacks, and my favourite sites for cheap (but amazing quality) bathing suits, keep reading!!!

Try a BB cream or tinted cream instead of foundation

BB stands for blemish balm, which helps to provide slight coverage without being too heavy on the skin. I would recommend this to anyone who may be insecure about their skin, while trying to ditch heavy products like foundation at the beach. Whats great about BB cream is that it typically provides a ton of moisture without giving that oily look, as well as providing protection against the sun. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something even lighter, try a tinted cream fit to your skin tone. Some of my favourite tinted creams can be found at LUSH, your local drug store or Sephora!


Use Sunny Day by LUSH Cosmetics

Sunny Day is one of my favourite LUSH hair products, especially when looking to skip the hot iron before heading to the beach. I mentioned this in one of my previous posts (My LUSH Favourites) because it’s perfect for a day at the beach when humidity strikes and theres no bathroom vanity in sight. Just spray your hair before you go and toss it in your beach bag to give you that beach wave look everyone loves.


Try some of these trending bathing suits from ZAFUL

Zaful.com is one of my absolute favourite sites to get quality swim suits for an amazing price. The suits shown are all below $14 USD and thats typically the price of most suits on their site. Check them out for the latest swim suit trends such as high waisted, off the shoulder, halter, one piece and more!

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Braid Your Hair

Yeah I know this one is pretty simple, but it could save you a lot of time and energy spent on detangling your hair after some fun in the sun. Lucky for you, braids are totally in and could be rocked just about anywhere, not just the beach. Here’s a couple looks you can try to save you some time!

Try Lash Extensions

As I mentioned in a previous post (5 Things I Learned About Getting Lash Extensions) lash extensions are an amazing investment for anyone looking to stay glam while ditching heavy make up. Perfect for beach-goers, as you don’t have to worry about your mascara clumping, or worse — running down your face. Instead of looking like you’re part of the cast for a scary movie, consider lash extensions and the benefits they may present to you, especially during the summer months. For the sake of misconceptions, when properly cared for, lash extensions pose no harm to your natural lashes! Check out my previous post if you need a little bit more convincing!