30 Days of Self-Love

I can’t emphasize enough how important self love is. Interestingly enough it is probably one of the hardest tasks, especially when you are well aware of all the areas in life you want to improve upon. We all experience difficulty at one point or another in practicing self-love and self-appreciation. Even though we have so much to be proud of and grateful for, we often overlook these things because it feels as though our struggles and insecurities overshadow these amazing qualities.

Over the past month or so, I decided to take a stand against the negative thoughts toward myself and habits that do nothing positive for my life. I started eating better, because it’s important to take care of the only body you’ll ever have. In turn, you feel better, sleep better and over time, you’ll look healthier too. Not to say that looking good is the only way to feel good, but I know it is a common insecurity and self-mage is a major struggle of mine in particular.
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Aside from what I consume, I began making positive affirmations to myself, such as: “Success is defined by my willingness to work harder and keep going.” or “I trust my ability to thrive through any obstacle that comes my way.” These are the positive messages we need to tell ourselves in order to accomplish our goals and feel good while doing it. Many people, myself included, are guilty of beating themselves up over little things in order to motivate them to do better, but it actually has the opposite effect.

Finally, the last step I took towards self-love is making it a point to show myself appreciation through little tasks and “me-time” on a daily basis. I put together this list of actions and activities that allow you to sit back and reflect on yourself and what you want to improve upon, while loving yourself in the process. It’s these “feel-good” tasks that help show us where our priorities lie, and the importance of making time for ourselves in order to stay tune with our mind and body. Take a look over this list, and maybe you’ll find some ideas to make yourself feel good!

Le Tote
30 Days of Self-Love:

  1. Start a mindfulness journal
  2. Have a candle lit bubble bath
  3. Have a feel-good movie marathon
  4. Clean out you social media outlets
  5. Make a list of everything you love about yourself
  6. Do a purge of unnecessary belongings
  7. Take yourself on a lunch date
  8. Write down your goals and what you need to do to accomplish them
  9. Start a gratitude jar
  10. Take time out of your day for meditation or prayer
  11. Get a mani & pedi or spa treatment
  12. Make a list of affirmations
  13. Watch the sunrise/sunset
  14. Call someone you miss
  15. Go an entire day without complaints or negativity
  16. Make a plan to eat healthier
  17. Learn something new
  18. Start a good book with a cup of your favourite tea
  19. Avoid using technology for a day
  20. Listen to a calming album or playlist
  21. Make a list of 10 inspiring quotes
  22. Book a doctors appointment for a check-up
  23. Spend the day doing absolutely nothing (guilt-free)
  24. Try a couple new recipes
  25. Make a DIY facial
  26. Ask yourself what you need more of in your like to feel better
  27. Diffuse essential oils
  28. Research something you’re interested in
  29. Attend a paint and wine night
  30. Connect with nature

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