10 Evidence-Based Reasons To Drink Kombucha


Kombucha is a fizzy combination of fermented black and green teas, infused with fruity flavours and packed with a ton of benefits. Over the past year, I’ve been noticing more and more Instagram fitness models recognizing and promoting Kombucha drinks which initially sparked my interest on the topic. While I’m no health and fitness guru, I do try my best to stay away from processed, sugary drinks.


Some major reasons to include Kombucha in your diet include:

  1. Cardiovascular benefits
  2. Various disease preventions
  3. Improvement upon mental health
  4. Promotion of a healthy liver and digestive system
  5. Promotion of lung health
  6. Packed with antioxidants and probiotics
  7. Similar benefits as green tea (ie. weight loss, improve cholesterol levels, help with blood sugar control and more)
  8. Antibacterial
  9. Type 2 Diabetes management
  10. Arthritis prevention

Personal Review of Kombucha

When I first started noticing Kombucha becoming a trend, I imagined it to be a subtle fruity drink similar to tea, however, I was pleasantly surprised when I first drank it and found our how fizzy it really is. The flavour was nowhere near as subtle as I imagined, and I was caught off guard by how flavourful and strong it actually is. Now that I have tried several different flavours of Kombucha, my favourites include berries and grape flavours, however, I’m not a huge fan of the green tea flavour.


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