5 Things to do Less of in 2018


While many people are critical of those who use the new year to make and break habits, I happen to be one of the optimistic people who decides to evaluate my lifestyle and make changes according to my longterm goals every new year. The past 365 days have been nothing but blessings and lessons, and I plan to carry that over into the new year with a few minor changes that may have a significant impact on my success over the next little while. I believe it starts with a positive thought and as long as your actions can keep up with your goals, nothing and no one can hold you back.

Realistically, consistency is key, and the reason many new years resolutions don’t work out is because people aren’t patient enough with their goals. Life happens, and nobody’s perfect. I think what most of us, including myself, find most difficult is picking ourselves up once we fall off track towards our longterm goals. It’s not that you no longer aspire to achieve those goals, it’s just that you eventually lack to motivation to take the steps towards achieving them. While I do have a list of things I’d like to do more of this year in hopes of making some new habits, I can’t help but remind myself of some small tendencies that wouldn’t hurt to do less of in 2018.
Charlotte Tilbury CA
5 Things to do Less of in 2018…

Compare your success to others’

We’re all guilty of it, whether we realize to or not, we all look at the success of others and ask ourselves why we can’t reap the same benefits. What we fail to realize is the hard work another individual has put in to achieve their goals, and yes it does come easier for some than others… that’s life. You’re not alone, many people have similar aspirations to yours. You may have a fitness or financial goal that someone else achieved before you, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Instead, let it motivate you and serve as an example for being completely attainable.

Hesitate to ask for help

As I get older, I get all of these crazy ideas that have the potential to be so successful given some hard work and dedication. No matter how dedicated someone might be, and how many hours they put it, it wouldn’t hurt to ask someone with some experience in an area that you’re new to or might be having some difficulty with. I for one have come to value the help and advice of my elders because, whether I can admit it or not, they know a thing or two about life — hi mom & dad.
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Mindless Spending

Growing up my mom emphasized the importance of saving half of every pay check. I think that lasted a whole week from the time I was hired onto my first job as a waitress in 11th grade. I used to think having the most purses and shoes was actually important until I was slapped with my first utility bill. Regardless of my spending habits as a youth, I’ve grown up and I’m now responsible for ‘big girl bills’ and such. In addition, I have realized the importance in investing. When it comes time to buy your first home, or spend a pretty penny on a new car, that savings on the side helps out quite a bit. This is pretty much common sense, however, I’m still guilty of mindless spending from time to time with the typical ‘treat yo self’ excuse, and I promise to moderate that habit this year in order to invest more towards my future.

Eating out

This is a continuation on mindless spending. Over the past couple years I have spent an EXCESSIVE amount of money on eating out. I’m not joking, I could put a huge downpayment on a house with all of the money I’ve spent on food. It’s all fun and games until the “freshman fifteen” catches up to you in your third year of university (x2). As fun as it is trying new restaurants and posting foodie pics on instagram, you could be eating something way healthier and save so much money while you’re at it. Last night I was craving pasta and rather than ordering takeout, which the old Ryann wouldn’t think twice about, I made spaghetti squash for Mikey and I for a grand total of $9, with some to spare for lunch the next day. Go me!
Hold onto negative energy

Have you ever been around someone who had something negative to say, whether it was directed towards you or just a general statement and it left you carrying some of that negativity? I am SO guilty of this over the past year. No need for specifics, but I have worked so hard to cut all sorts of negativity out of my life because I know the effect it has on me personally. I don’t do well with argumentative people, or people that find the need to gossip and put others in order to feel better about themselves. That does nothing for me — I don’t see the point, I like to focus on bettering myself and that can be done without trashing the people around me. That being said, in 2018 I’m better off keeping my distance from individuals who let petty gossip dictate their status or success.


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